Wi-Fi Access


In an effort to strengthen our IT security, some changes are being made to our wireless networks.  These changes include, a new network for members, a more secure guest network, and the decommissioning of the old ‘Danville VFD Members’ network.  This guide will the new process for accessing these networks.

Note: The ‘Danville VFD Members’ network will be turned off on 10/15/2017.  Please ensure you have switched to the new network prior to this date.

Member Access

Members should connect to the network name ‘Danville VFD Secured’.  This network authenticates using the credentials you use to log into fire department computers.

Note: Your device should prompt you for your password when you password has changed.  This is expected every 90 days.

Basic Instructions

  1. Connect to ‘Danville VFD Secured’
  2. If prompted to trust a certificate, click yes/accept
  3. Enter username and password (username may be case sensitive)

Device Specific Instructions

Coming soon.

Guest Access

All guests are welcome to free Wi-Fi while visiting our fire department.  Guest access requires a shared password, agreement to terms and conditions, and is limited to one hour increments.


  1. Connect to ‘Danville VFD Guest’
  2. If browser does not immediately open, open browser
  3. Accept terms and conditions
  4. Enter password (should be clearly posted throughout fire department)
  5. Click submit